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June 29, 2004



I got mentioned. Cool. Must have been because of yesterday's post about my Kid of Steel.


Great links, now I have a zillion other blogs to read. Thanks Teehee


We have, in my primary adult relationship, a little rule about little people and referencing them on the interweb. Do you think I am paranoid?


I think it's very cool that I made your list. Now if I can just get my (dreaded) GST finished in time to take it to the bank today, my Canada Day will be just about perfect.


Where in the whole of Canada am I going to find time to read all these?


Thank you very much for the mention, that was totally unexpected but very much appreciated.

You did a great job and being as tomorrow is a holiday (Yah!) I can spend some time going through all these links.



Great! New summer reading material....
I always loved carnivals!
The noise, the sights, the sounds!
You did not disappoint!


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